The Experience

Customized Treatment Plans

In addition to traditional acupuncture, we also provide Esoteric Acupuncture which focuses on prevention, wellness, and spiritual growth. Esoteric acupuncture opens the deepest energy fields of the Chakras, allowing for the spirit to open and awaken energy that previously lay dormant or blocked. As each Chakra is open and flowing in a healthy direction, you will begin to see shifts in your body and perspective. Specifically designed to facilitate energetic shifts to incite spiritual growth, this treatment results in positive effects in the physical body.


With the Awakening package, your journey begins with balancing the Chakras and removing energetic blocks or attachments using a specific Esoteric acupuncture encoding pattern.  During the treatment you will be provided with guided imagery and/or meditation, and you will be given specific meditative practices to be utilized between sessions to further enhance raising your higher consciousness. With each Esoteric acupuncture treatment, you will notice that there will be less Chakra imbalances and eventually none at all, in as little as 2-3 sessions.

The course of this treatment consists of 8 seventy-five minute Esoteric acupuncture sessions applied twice a week for 4 weeks and 2 Reconnective Healing sessions.

Soul Journey

As we continue our path to evolve in consciousness through regular Esoteric acupuncture and meditative practices, our inner spiritual heart center becomes refined and will shift to a higher frequency.  As the energy becomes finer and less dense, connections with a higher consciousness emerges and you will begin to see past grievances or trauma resolved and chronic physical conditions alleviated.  By letting go of old limiting beliefs we create the possibilities that bring us closer to our life’s purpose and higher self.  The intention of Esoteric acupuncture is to balance the energies of the heart or love with the energies of the kidneys or fear.  When we consciously choose love over fear in any aspect of our lives, we open the field of infinite potentiality.

The course of this treatment consists of 12 seventy-five minute Esoteric acupuncture sessions applied once a week for 12 weeks and 4 Reconnective Healing sessions.  You will also receive one custom herbal formula over the course of this treatment.


The Enlightenment Plan is a one year membership and an extension of Soul Journey that is geared towards maintaining integral self-care.

The course of this treatment consists of 2 seventy-five minute Esoteric acupuncture sessions per month for one year for a total of 24 sessions.  Included is an immune booster treatment which includes cupping, 6 Reconnective Healing sessions, and a customized herbal formula every three months.


We accept Cash, Credit cards and most insurances. Please contact us for additional info and rates.